Gardens, pools & outdoors

We regularly install lighting and power in gardens and patios of all shapes and sizes ranging from the tiny urban yard to large estates.

We install floodlights under trees and in flowerbeds, often using low energy fittings to save on running costs and reduce heat.

We install wall lights and gate lights in both modern and traditional styles to suit every type of property. These can be simply switched from the house or operated on timers, sensors or linked to gate control systems.

Patios are best lit with small fittings that can be set into decking or between paving slabs. Modern low voltage LED fittings are now available with excellent light output and very long life making them ideal for this type of work.

By law garden lighting must now be installed by a registered electrician. Mains cables must be armoured and buried to the correct depth, joints must be in waterproof boxes with the correct glands and lights must of the correct waterproof rating to stand the joys of British weather.

Please contact us and one of the team will come and give you the professional advice you need.