Security lighting

The ideal security light turns on exactly when its owner wants, lights exactly the required areas and frightens off all unwanted intruders.

Regrettably so many installations we see are badly designed and poorly implemented resulting in lights that have a mind of their own, waste electricity and annoy the neighbours.

We have long experience in designing security lighting systems to suit all requirements.

For small systems we use top quality mains powered professional sensors, placed in key locations so as to pick up only the required movement. Floodlights are also professional quality, generally fitted with swivel brackets and adjusted to provide illumination only in the required locations. Bulbs are always selected to provide just the required amount of light and to save on energy.

For installations that are required to be left on for extended periods (for example all night) we recommend Discharge or Metal Halide lights. These produce excellent light coverage and consume around 20% of the energy of their Halogen equivalents.

For larger or more complex installations we have a range of low voltage sensor systems that can be adapted to almost any requirement. Options include multiple control panels, links to other alarm systems, override switches and bedside panic buttons.